JCDS ROCKS theme: classroom activities

Memorize the JCDS Rocks slogan.
Role play, give examples of situations, and have them play out showing respect, for example.
Art project: paint on your rock. Paint Hebrew words on your rock: Kehilla, cavod, etc...
Taking Jewish values and relating it to JCDS Rocks, how does this fit into the JCDS rocks theme.
Syllabic lesson: with words and letters.
Music: create a tune to go with the slogan.
Using the book "Teaching Jewish Virtues" as a guide for lessons.

Skits by teachers (why not by students?)
  • two people eating lunch, leave behind some trash
  • one person trips, someone helps him up, others laugh

  • Rock Around the Clock theme
  • Lion King theme: lion on a rock
  • Rocks for the garden: with words in English and Hebrew
School-wide activities:
  • Conflict resolution initiative