To do:

Make double-sided copies of EUOs and EQs to hand out.
  • Hello everyone. My name is Pamela Grier-Hines. I am a special needs teacher here at our school.
  • I will be presenting about a literary unit.
  • The book Lyddie is by Katherine Paterson, and takes place in Vermont and Mass. during the American Industrial Revolution.
  • The book is read parallel to the social studies unit on the Industrial Revolution.
  • There was a lot of previous and parallel learning that took place: they studies laws in the Torah that relate to workers' rights, there were several guest speakers to talk about modern-day child bonded labor, and a read aloud book about this as well.
  • Lyddie is a great book that I recommend any adult or child read. The content of the novel made it very appealing, as it has a lot of telling information about the Industrial Revolution.
  • There are a lot of good words for building vocabulary
  • The characters of the novel have such depth, especially Lyddie
  • Story of the Unit
  • The book was read in one or two chapters each lesson, which related to one of several big ideas (I will review these in detail).
  • Students participated in several types of activities: class discussions, reader response work, dramatizations, one-on-one conferences, and a final performance assessment to write a hypothetical letter from one character to another.
  • Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions
  • I will read through the different "big ideas" through which the events of the book were understood/categorized
  • Each big idea got its time in the spotlight when a particular chapter, event or character (or assignment) embodied that big idea.
  • Slavery big idea: Prethinking: touches on Delet standard 1c- uses knowledge of students. I wanted to see what the students were thinking about freedom and what defines it. I'll give you 30 seconds to read some students' thoughts about freedom.
  • Far reaching effects of industry: this big idea has a big tie to SS, and often called for comprehension checks, which aligns with 3b-considering what the children need to know in order to learn.
  • We also connected the Jewish values piece in with the SS project, and with the Lyddie final assessment.