February : Rehearsal for Unit Fair
February : Unit Fair

Unit Fair: The “big idea” of this presentation is teacher growth. This is a forum where you will both share what you have done as you planned and taught your unit, what that demonstrates about your capacities as a teacher, and what you have learned from both your successes and your challenges. The goal is NOT to describe a “perfect” unit, but rather to showcase your ability to reflect on it. Throughout your presentation you should make connections to DeLeT Teaching Standards as you describe what you have learned about planning and teaching. You should also maintain a reflective stance and be clear about what you learned, your successes and challenges, and how you would revise the unit for future use. Your presentation should include the following elements:
  • Intro to the Unit
  • EUs, EQs
  • CCCS learning standards
  • Story of the Unit--activities & assessments
  • Evidence of student learning: share samples of student work and describe what that work reveals (or doesn’t reveal) about student understanding of your big ideas.
  • A 3-5 minute video clip of a unit lesson that demonstrates something about your growth as a teacher
  • Time for Q&A about the unit