Meet the teacher day:

Take a picture of each child for making magnets
Get desk supplies
Greeting activity?
Survey: get to know the children

First days of school:

Laminated sign-in sheet for practicing handwriting.
Magnet picture of the kids on Morning greeting

Place-based instruction for solar system unit:

Lesson ideas from people
Vignettes from the classroom

Fifth grade:
See and Resee: students describe an item, as if describing it to a blind person, then they "resee" the item, where they can choose another perspective: describe the story of the item, from its point of view, create a dialogue with it, etc...

Second grade:
personalized bookmarks for each student

Namecard method from Teaching Kids with Learning Differences: split children into groups of 3 and use a random pulling of namecards to call on people. Students can ask members of their group for help if they don't know the answer.

Key words highlighter in a powerpoint or projection: Use a piece of cardstock and put onto to popsicle stick in order to capture an important word, and pull the card away from the presentation

Lesson on what fairness means. Fairness is not equality, the same for everyone

Red, yellow and green cups (students put up a red cup when they're stuck and need your help, yellow cup for kind of need help, and green is for they're all good)

Materials Ideas:
chair foot covers made from tennis balls
compound word flip chart (picture + first word + second part of word)

- Newsletters: have students write it every month in conjunction with unit/information on printing press
- How people and objects change over time: have a grandparent come in and describe how they used a phone in their life, computer, cars, communication, etc

Learning lines:
Everyone starts at a different place on their learning lines, but we're all moving forward (everyone's in a different place in their learning lines)
This could be on a bulletin board with subjects/unit/values as different learning lines

Read an excerpt from Connected, and talk about how a good mood can be contagious and talk about strategies to lift our own spirits (be optimistic) and be a good member of the group (be a positive force in the community).

Questionnaire for learning style

Ideas for behavior positive reinforcement: silent reward such as fireworks, etc.