D. Analysis and reflection on Mini-Unit as Taught
Due: December 17th

Purpose: The purpose of this reflection is to provide an opportunity for you to analyze the
process of planning and teaching your mini-unit and articulate your learning around
planning for teaching.
Analysis of Student Learning: (2-3 pages) Your Mini-Unit as planned contained
specific goals for student learning as well as ways to assess that learning. This
section should include the results of your assessments. It should describe what
you think your students have gained from the unit and what evidence supports
your claims. Select three students who represent the achievement span for this
mini-unit and present a few observations and/or samples of student work. Include
your study child as one of the students. Describe the ways in which your
assessments were more or less effective in obtaining evidence of student learning.
Evaluation: Your analysis of student learning will be reviewed using the
following criteria:
•Is the evidence of student learning convincing?
•Is the evidence of student learning related to the original goals of the unit?
•Are the assessments analyzed for their effectiveness?
Final Reflection: (3 - 4 pages) This section should include your analysis of
strengths and weaknesses of this mini-unit both as planned and as taught and
your synthesis of your learnings. Where appropriate, make specific connections
to the DeLeT Teaching Standards and how your understanding of them has
changed or developed.
1. What did you learn about planning from this experience?
 Did you make any changes in your plans prior to
teaching/implementing each lesson? If so, why?
 Did you make any changes during the lessons? Why?
2. What did you learn about yourself as a teacher?
3. What did you learn about the students you teach?
4. What surprised you that you could have anticipated? What surprised
you that you could not have anticipated?
5. What would you do differently and why? Try to be specific and to
draw on direct experiences and assessments of the students and of
6. What questions have been generated for you through this process of
planning and teaching?
Evaluation: Your final reflection will be reviewed using the following criteria
•Are each of the questions fully answered? (There may be some overlap.)
•Do the answers to questions connect specific experiences with more general
or “bigger picture” ideas about planning and teaching?
•Are both strengths and weaknesses of the planning and teaching explored?