May 10, 2010
Problem: How to fit all of the curriculum into the year?
Jamie presented a problem about getting to the end of the year and finding herself having to choose one last math chapter to teach out of the four remaining ones.

Renee: Suggests making her decisions based on skills. What skills will be necessary for them next year? Figure out which skills must take precedence.

April 19, 2010

Provocative protocol
  1. Each participant given random quote randomly
  2. Each participant reads her quote
  3. Share quotes
  4. Participants may add quotes from their own classrooms
  5. Each participants chooses a quote that they relate to

Jan. 4, 2009
Professional Development

Science: George from East Bay Educational Collaborative
Scientist's Notebook
Focus Questions

T-chart: Claims & Evidence
  • Scientists cannot make claims without evidence
  • Kids find it easier to make a claim based on evidence