7/8 Wednesday
Read aloud

Shared reading

sight words/phonics assessment
while other students read

Independent reading

Interest surveys

Field Placement:

There will be three assignments associated with the field placement:
  1. Case study: Select a student to observe (by the second day), and focus on their development. Collect data, including assessment data, and observation logs. This will become part of the portfolio.
  2. Lesson log: includes lesson plans, notes, reflections
    • what went well? what didn't go well? what did you learn? what would you do differently?
  3. Final reflections: what do you remember most?

Lesson planning:
Preplan with partner to determine who will be doing what.
Assessment: ways to know if the students have learned and understood the lesson.

Gradual release:
  • Read Aloud: modeling fluency, CAP, connections, visualizations,
  • Phonics work
  • Instructional reading
  • Shared reading (read aloud can become shared/independent reading): big books, poems
    • first grade students start with Pat-a-cake, familiar poem that they know
*if a child becomes very frustrated, you should stop.