Reading Toolbox

Wikkisticks: little wax sticks that students can make letters out of
Word Monster: Monster with a rectangle cut out of it to find words
Word Swatters: fly swatters with a rectangle cut out, used to swat the beginning of a word, a word used twice in the room, etc.
Sound bingo

Wilson boards: teachers coded the letters so you know which boards they go with.
  • Children would take off any suffixes first, and work with the base word.
  • Welded or glued sounds: when it comes to rimes that have distorted sounds, like 'am' 'an' and 'all' they tap two fingers together; for 'ing' 'ink' 'onk'

Word wall-using pointers to build sentences (hi freq words)
Each child had a personal word envelope of sight words and high freq words
Guided Reading: Starts with a mini-lesson: mean Mister E, then whisper reading, with tapping for help with sounding out words and assessing