Rosensweig: the birth of adult Jewish education, the Lehrhaus Judaica
Secular and liberal Jews seeking out to know more about Judaism (as opposed to the traditional yeshivot)
His revelation: he was on the verge or converting to Christianity (the latest trend, the elite were all doing it). He decided to convert on the night of Yom Kippur, but gets turned away and ends up at a stibul (Orthodox study house, where traditional Jews singing, dancing), and is drawn into tradition.
In order to understand and relate to the world around us, we need to understand ourselves more.
Universalism vs. particularism:
Universal vision of humankind, our differences are less that our commonalities
Particularism: The worlds we live in define us
Torah, law and commandments, Jewish
Setting out what it means for people to care again about Jewish learning.

Lifelong friend, yet opponent of Martin Buber. Buber the antithesis of Rosensweig, Buber pushed for universal view of connection between G-d and man. "I and Thou"