In the classroom

  • Leave a pause when calling on students
  • match up students in a variety of ways, higher students with lower students, with same level

Math Problem Solving Strategies

  • When doing trial and error, start with small, consecutive numbers
  • Drawing diagrams
  • Systematic lists
  • Eliminate possibilities
  • Look for a pattern
  • Guess and check
  • Sub-problems (looking at smaller numbers, and use consecutive numbers)
  • Solve an easier related problem (related to sub-problems)
  • Physical representations
    • act it out
    • make a model
    • use manipulatives
  • Work backwards

Partitioning: There are 12 apples, you have 3 bags. How many apples can fit in each bag if each bag has an equal number of apples? You disperse 1 at a time.
Repeated subtraction:

3/4 * 8/5

5/8 * 8/5

You want to get a denominator of 1.